Circular saw blades for circular saws or construction circular saws

So that you can always continue working with AVOLA quality, we provide reliable spare parts with our circular saw blades, compatible with our construction circular saws.

The multifunctional circular saw blade HM/A/PH for cutting polystyrene and wood - special advantage of our patented development:

  • One saw blade for polystyrene (Styrodur and Styrofoam) and wood, thus more safety and work protection - no blade change necessary
  • More safety and work protection by means of safety hood + stop switch (awarded the Euro-Test prize).
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  • No jamming and sticking, because the patented openings in the trunk blade ensure sufficient air cooling
  • Faster, more effective and environmentally friendly work
, HM/A/SG,


Silenced circular saw blades

Silenced circular saw blade for construction circular saws type AVOLA HM/A/SG diameter mm 400 -...

About the product

, HM/A/PH,


Sawing of polysterol and wood with only one saw blade

Special advantage of our patented development: one saw blade for two materials for...

About the product

Quality includes emission protection - AVOLA circular saw blades make it possible!

The high noise level of a construction site does not only trigger symptoms of illness among the construction site personnel. The neighbors around a construction site are also often highly annoyed by noise emissions for weeks and months.
As a rule, it is not possible to protect the construction site workplace as a whole against noise emissions, which encourages us to ensure the highest possible noise protection in the area of the individual construction machines and equipment themselves.

  • The decisive factor is the fit of the riving knife and the saw blade (while the use of other saw blades causes jamming with the wood, the AVOLA saw blade cuts perfectly).
  • The HM/A/SG silenced saw blade has been standard equipment for decades

Sound insulation for circular saw blades

At AVOLA, we have developed a special type of saw blade for equipping construction circular saws. This saw blade has eight serpentine laser incisions in the main blade, which cause a de-tensioning of the main blade. At the same time, these laser incisions are distributed in such a way that the saw blade still retains the required pretension, because the pretension is decisive for the stability of the saw blade during idling and machining.