Precisely fitting accessories for construction circular saws

Even though our construction circular saws have a solid basic equipment, we also offer various accessories for the saws, which are highly useful in everyday construction work. From the stop switch, to the riving knife guard (instead of a guard, the riving knife itself is used to prevent access to the saw blade), the roller block, the travelling device, table widening and bevel gauge (for chamfering and producing triangular profiles), to the compact filter for chip extraction - AVOLA reliably accompanies you throughout the entire sawing process!

Compact filter for chip extraction

Sawdust and wood dust are the annoying by-products of metal-cutting woodworking. As they can have hazardous effects on health, the Employer's Liability Insurance Association stipulates that effective extraction and filtering equipment must be used when woodworking machines are used in enclosed spaces.

The AVOLA Compact Filter CF 4 -1, which was developed for this purpose, has the BG test certificate with the residual dust content level 2 (0.2 mg/m³).
During operation with the AVOLA construction circular saw, the chips produced are extracted at the lower protective box and at the top of the protective hood.

Optimally equipped: With the AVOLA construction circular saw in combination with our Compact-Filter CF 4-1 or the Compact-Filter CF 6 for the outdoor construction site, you work with BG test certificate "wood dust tested"!

You want to buy spare parts or special accessories for construction circular saws?

All information regarding our spare parts, their prices as well as special accessories for the individual construction circular saws can be found in our documents for download:

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