Sound absorbing circular saw blades

AVOLA circular saw blade


Sound absorbing circular saw blades for circular building site saws
Blade diameter mm 400 – 450 – 500

The high noise level at a construction site can damage the health of construction workers and others. Residents near a building site are often suffer for weeks and months due to noise emissions.
Since in most cases it is not possible to protect the whole work area of the building site against noise emissions, it must be attempted to make the individual construction machines and devices less noisy.

For equipping circular building site saws, AVOLA has developed a special blade-type HM/A/SG = carbide tipping/wolf tooth/silenced.
This saw blade has eight serpentine laser incisions in the master blade 8 that reduce drumming of the master blade. At the same time, these laser incisions are distributed in such a way that the master blade still retains the pretension that is needed for the stability of the saw blade when idling and cutting.

Please note that the data in dB (decibels =) used for noise measurements are logarithmic numbers.
The results for the table are as follows:
– 10 dB (A) less means halving the volume
– 3 dB (A) less means halving the risk of a hearing impairment

Technical data:

Blade diameter 400 450 500
Operating mode Idling Machining Idling Machining Idling Machining
Average value
acc. ETS-VDI 3740
91,0 101,5 95,0 104,5 97,0 103,5
AVOLA HM/A/SG 79,4 86,8 84,4 87,6 86,9 90,0
Difference = less noisy 11,6 14,7 10,6 16,9 10,1 13,5