AVOLA circular saw Variant 450

„Seven at one stroke!“ - Seven sawing options in one machine

The new AVOLA under-table chop-cutting and rip saw is another milestone in the AVOLA tradition dating back almost 180 years.

Three of the special features of this solid building and workshop saw are a turntable (0° – 150°), a height and an inclination adjustment (90° – 30°).

For carpenters, roofers and bridge builders, this saw offers a wide range of applications.

Seven sawing options from transverse or longitudinal cuts, chop cutting with bevel and mitre (shift cuts) to concealed cuts (valley rafters) or hip rafters, Variant 450 is an all-rounder at the building site or in the workshop.

Occupational safety is provided just as consistently as the functions described above. The safety hood provides optimal protection since the saw blade is completely covered. A table extension complements the safety standards at a high level.

Overall, a technically, economically and innovative great success has been achieved again in the well-known AVOLA quality for professionals.
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