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General Downloads

Avola – Carpenters machines – 2017
terms and conditions of sale and delivery 02/2018 (german)
buying conditions 02/2018 (german)
Euro Test Award 2007 press-release (german)
Euro Test Award 2007 certificate (german)
175 years AVOLA info (german)
180 years AVOLA brochure (german)
Spare part price list 02/2018 (german)
AVOLA Safety hoods (german)

Firewood saws

Firewood saws, brochure BWS 700, BWTS 700, BWS 550 (german)

Circular saw bench

Circular saw bench TZH / TZV 315
Circular saw bench VARIANT 450 (german)
VARIANT 450 4-pager
Accessories VARIANT 450 (german)

Circular building site saws

Pressetext – new Machinery Directive (german)
Press articles – Risk circular building site saw (german)
Circular building site saw ZB /ZBV / IC -10 brochure
Compact filter CF 4-1 data sheet (german)
Circular saw blades, sound absorbing - Info PDF (german)
Safety criteria for circular building site saws – check list (german)
New REACH Regulation (german)
Conversion kit (german)
Spare part price list 02/2018 (german)
AVOLA Safety hoods (german)

Stone cutting saws

Compact - Filter CF 30 G
DIAVOLA diamond saw blades (german)
Stone cutting saws posters (german)
Stone cutting saws sample applications (german)
Stone cutting saws features (german)
Stone cutting saws exhibition poster (german)
Stone cutting saws brochure
Stone cutting saw STS / N 55 (german)
Stone cutting saw STS / T 50 SA (german)
Stone cutting saw STS / T 90 (german)
Stone cutting saws – heavy model (german)
Stone cutting saws – special constructions (german)

Carpenters machines

Avola – Carpenters machines – 2017
GAMA 65 K3 / 65 V3
Cutting possibilities
Technical data sheet GAMA 65 K, 65 V, 80V
Technical data sheet GAMA 65 K3, 65 V3

Press releases

Link to AVOLA press area