For the precise processing of stone, powerful stone saws and machines are required for the most diverse areas. With stone cutting saws, stone band saws, diamond cutting discs and various special machines from AVOLA, clean stone processing in both wet and dry cutting is guaranteed!

AVOLA stone cutting saws are specially designed for furnace construction, industrial furnace construction as well as for roof tile production and stone testing in laboratories and experimental stations.

economical - robust - precise - low maintenance

AVOLA stone cutting saws have a torsion-resistant machine frame and a precise cutting disc bearing. Amply dimensioned ball rails guarantee precise and smooth guidance of the table, which can be swiveled 45° to the left. The material is cut quickly and accurately under the movable cut-off wheel.

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Special table designs are available on request at extra cost. AVOLA stone cutting saws are equipped with powerful motors. Windings for other voltages and frequencies are available at extra cost.

The wide variety of materials used in the refractory industry require special processing methods. Although wet cutting is used for the most part, in many cases dry cutting is still the only method considered for cutting certain materials.

For filtering the dust-laden exhaust air from AVOLA stone cut-off saws for dry cutting and AVOLA stone cut-off saws for dry and wet cutting The CF 30 G is suitable for discontinuous operation. The dust-laden air is distributed over the entire filter surface and flows through the filter pockets from the outside to the inside. The entrained dust is separated on the outside of the filter pockets. Regular cleaning of the pocket filter insert is an absolute prerequisite for the functioning of the unit. Automatic cleaning starts when the blower is switched off. The cleaning intervals depend on the mode of operation. During cleaning, the volume flow must be interrupted. This interruption of operation lasts approx. 1-2.5 minutes, after which the filter is ready for operation again. The clean air must be discharged to the outside (exhaust air operation).

AVOLA stone cutting sawsSpecial constructions

Individual cutting requirements demand special adaptations of the machining process. For this reason, AVOLA offers a wide variety of special machines:

  • Table extensions right/left Table lengths
  • up to 1000 mm
  • Blade diameter up to 800 mm
  • Stainless steel version
  • Wet-dry cut versions
  • special cutting devices for roof tiles
  • Pipe cutting devices with miter settings

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