Cross-cut fence, rotary table and skew adjustment with servo motor and positioning control for processing (cross-cutting 90°, miter and jack cuts) of heavy workpieces, e.g. in carpentry and wood construction, solid wood processing. Longitudinal cutting functions (ripping, fillet and burr rafters, etc.) can be performed manually.


  • Drive motor 12 kW - direct
  • Motor speed 1/min. - 3000
  • electric saw blade tilt adjustment 90-30° via servo motor
  • Laser cross-cut display
  • Cutting heights: 90°/245mm - 45°/164mm - 30°/113mm
  • Carbide saw blade 650 mm
  • Suction nozzle 125/160mm
  • Turntable 0-270° via servo motor
  • horizontal material pressure rollers right - left
  • pneumatic cross-cut device via two-hand control
  • Length measurement via material slide, drive via servo motor
  • Delivery lengths measuring system/roller conveyors: 3m-14m
  • Machine hood with PVC side protection curtains
  • lower machine cover
  • pneumatic material clamping cylinder left - right
  • Machine table can be moved sideways approx. 400 mm with pneumatic braking device
  • Saw blade height adjustment via mechanical stop system with dimension scale