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CF 4-1

AVOLA Compact Filter CF 4-1

Sawdust and wood dust are annoying by-products of chipping woodworking. Since they can have harmful effects, the professional association requires that effective extraction and filtering equipment is to be used when woodworking machines are used in enclosed spaces.

The AVOLA Compact Filter CF 4 -1 was developed for this purpose and has received the test certificate of the professional association (BG) with the residual dust content level 2 (0.2 mg / m³).
The bag filter has a filter surface of 3.5 m² and is shaken down if necessary. The extraction power can be continuously monitored with the vacuum gauge even during operation.

During operation with the Avola circular building site saw, the chips produced are extracted at the bottom protective casing and at the top of the safety hood. The combination of the Avola circular building site saw and the CF 4-1 compact filter won the BG (professional association) test certificate "Tested for wood dust".

To be able to connect the CF 4 -1 to the Avola circular building site saw, the AV 1-2 extraction device is necessary as an accessory. This includes the extraction funnel, the special safety hood with extraction nozzle, a 1.5-metre extraction hose with 80 mm Ø for the top, 4 hose clamps, a 2.5-metre extension cord and a Y-distributor 2 x 80/100 mm.

Technical data:

Operating mode Continuous operation
Type of current Single-phase alternating current
Frequency 50 Hz
Power input 0,75 kW
Mains voltage 1 Ph 230 V
Current consumption 4,85 A
Filter surface 3,5 m²
Dimensions L x W x H 1085 x 650 x 1974 mm
Weight 96 kg
Nominal volume flow rate 700 m³/h
Associated vacuum (before the fan) 1.380 Pa
Minimum volume flow rate 565 m³/h
Associated vacuum (before the fan) 1.560 Pa
Filter cleaning Manual vibrating
Measuring surface sound pressure level 82 dB (A)
Sound power level 89 dB (A)
Environmental conditions 0° bis 40°