AVOLA - sawing machines with tradition

Since its foundation in 1836, the family company AVOLA has stood first and foremost for quality and innovation! These components of success have ultimately made us the market leader for construction circular saws in 1960.
Furthermore, with a sawing machine from AVOLA, safety, reliability, resilience, robustness and durability are guaranteed.
Our service also ensures uninterrupted availability!

Our pride and joy - AVOLA construction circular saws

AVOLA construction circular saws are investment goods. For the buyers, the machine is indispensable in woodworking due to its resistance to stress. It is a long-term companion that accompanies the daily life of employees from project to project and does not let them down. Contractors trust our outstanding quality and rely on the machine's well-known safety features. The users who go about their daily lives with the construction circular saw by their side are absolutely convinced of the product and are full of pride when they report on their work with the machine.

History - 5th generation since 1836

Sawing machines history, 1836 foundation,

1836 Foundation

Arnold Volkenborn I founded the company in 1836 in Langenberg (Rheinl.). In the beginning, he mainly developed and produced machines for the neighboring industry (fabrics, laces and yarns) e.g. bobbin lace machines. Later, machines for agriculture were added, such as straw binders, threshing machines, etc.

Sawing machines history, 1875 acquisition Arnold Volkenborn II,

1875 Takeover Arnold Volkenborn II

Around 1875, his son Arnold Volkenborn II took over the business and concentrated on agricultural machinery.

Sawing machines history, 1915 TAKING OVER WALDEMAR VOLKENBORN,


In 1915, the elder son Waldemar took over.

Sawing machines history, 1918 co-takeover Hermann Volkenborn,

1918 Co-acquisition of Hermann Volkenborn

In 1918, after the 1st World War, the younger son Hermann also joined the management.

Sawing machines history, 1934 First circular saws on the market,

1934 First circular saws on the market

In 1934, the first circular saws were already on the market - initially for agricultural purposes - at that time still in a wooden construction with V-belt and also diesel engine drive.

Sawing machines history, 1945 conversion to metal construction,

1945 Conversion to metal construction

In 1945, the production of the construction circular saw was changed to the metal construction. At this time, due to the advent of the mobile combine harvesters in the field, the production of barn threshers was discontinued.



In 1948, Waldemar Volkenborn left the company.

Sawing machines history, 1950 acquisition Kurt Volkenborn,

1950 Takeover Kurt Volkenborn

In 1950 Kurt Volkenborn, son of Hermann Volkenborn, joined the company in the 4th generation. In the post-war era, he concentrated on the construction industry and developed the new generation of circular saws for the construction industry, equipped with electric motors and, in consultation with the German Construction Trade Association, he patented the "accident-proof" saws.

Sawing machines history, 1952 Patented refractoriness,

1952 Patented fire resistance

In 1952 Kurt Volkenborn also developed new stone cutting saws for the refractory industry and patented these as well.

Sawing machines history, 1961 reconstruction and expansion company building,

1961 Reconstruction and extension of company building

Reconstruction and expansion of the company building at the Langenberg site.

Sawing machines history, 1970 advancements,

1970 Further developments

The construction circular saws as well as the stone cutting saws have undergone many further developments over the years: The stone cutting saws are manufactured in small series and develop more and more according to individual customer requirements in the direction of special machines. The construction circular saws are the main focus in the AVOLA production.

Sawing machines history, 1972 Hot-dip galvanized machine frame,

1972 Hot dip galvanized machine frame

1972 Changeover to a hot-dip galvanized machine frame

Sawing machines history, 1981 motor with brake,

1981 Motor with brake

1981 Equipping the motor with brake Other details are subject to constant developments and upgrades for the latest technology.

Sawing machines history, 1983 Barbara Volkenborn,

1983 Barbara Volkenborn

In 1983, Barbara Volkenborn joins the company.

Sawing machines history, 1993 Hattingen/Ruhr,

1993 Hattingen/Ruhr

1993 Construction of the new plant and move to Hattingen/Ruhr.

Sawing machines history, 1997 acquisition Barbara Volkenborn-Gehrmann,

1997 Takeover Barbara Volkenborn-Gehrmann

1997 Barbara Volkenborn-Gehrmann takes over the management in the 5th generation.

Sawing machines history, 1999 First carpentry machine GAMA,

1999 First carpentry machine GAMA

1999 Development and production of the first carpentry machines GAMA.

Sawing machines history, 2006 170 years AVOLA,

2006 170 years AVOLA

2006 AVOLA celebrates its 170th anniversary.

Sawing machines history, 2007 Euro test price for safety hood,

2007 Euro-Test award for safety hood

2007 AVOLA is awarded the EURO-TEST PRIZE for the SSH safety hood for the construction circular saw for outstanding achievements in occupational safety and health protection by the Bau-Berufsgenossenschaft.

Sawing machines history, 2011 175 years AVOLA,

2011 175 years AVOLA

AVOLA celebrates 175th anniversary.

Sawing machines history, 2013 Variant,

2013 Variant

First presentation of the new Variant combined construction site circular saw

Sawing machines history, 2015 new development,

2015 New development

Development of the patented PH circular saw blade for polystyrene and wood

Sawing machines history, 2016 180 years AVOLA,

2016 180 years AVOLA

AVOLA celebrates the 180th anniversary of the company.

Sawing machines history, 2019 euro test price for st0p switch,

2019 Euro Test St0p Switch Price

Retrofitting this safety device can prevent up to 500 accidents per year can be avoided.

Sawing machine history, 2022 Over 185 years of unbridled innovative power,

2022 Over 185 years of unbridled innovative strength

Development of the new stone cutting saw SBT 600 for dry cutting with integrated dust extraction // even more stability - by means of reinforced table tops // AI-controlled AVOLA safety systems